Caring For Your Lawn When It’s HOT, HOT, HOT

Getting your lawn in perfect shape in the spring time is not very difficult, as long as you get on top of the to do list early enough. The weather is nearly perfect, with plenty of rain and temperatures typically ideal for most grass types. For the most part, anybody can care for a lawn in the spring time in most areas of the country. The weather basically takes care of the yard for you!

If you make just a half-hearted effort, then your lawn will thrive in the spring months of the year. But then come the summer months, which are great for outdoor activities and just fun in general, but are usually hot, hot, hot. The temps are higher and the rain usually decreases so your grass may take a hit if you do not make the effort in protecting it. Also, it is not as easy to work on your lawn in the heat of summer as it is in the cooler spring. It is one thing to get that trimmer out when it is 74 degrees, but quite another to sweat it out trimming in 94 degree temperatures. However, the summer-time does not have to be a total hardship for you or the start of a fast decline for your lawn.

If you are willing to take a few extra steps and work a bit smarter, instead of harder on your lawn, then the summer heat will not defeat you. It is all about preparation and keeping a schedule of correct steps in caring for your property. If you were painting your house, you would not wait to cover up the furniture after you start slinging paint around. That would be out of order, not to mention a little insane. By the same logic, you should not wait until your yard starts turning brown to start trying to fix it. Take steps now to make sure the grass stays greener on your side of the property line.

Here is a top ten list of things to do to protect your yard, and keep your lawn greener in the summer months:

1. Mow your grass at the correct height. This is as simple as it gets and causes you no extra effort. Many grasses, for example fescue, are really hurt by mowing too low.

2. Another effortless trick to keep that lawn thriving and green, is to set your sprinklers’ timer for the correct time. Running them in the hottest part of the day is a waste of water and does not give them all the moisture they need. Cooler parts of the day are the prime watering times.

3. Easy on the fertilizer. Sure, you can use the strongest fertilizers known to mankind, and your lawn will green up super fast, but it will not stay that way for long. Too much of a good thing will cause you to have to mow much more frequently.

4. Careful with weed killers. One sure way to hurt your lawn is to be careless with herbicides. You want to get rid of weeds, but over spray can get on your grass and spot it up with dead patches. Windy days are especially bad for spraying weed killer.

5. People don’t fully realize how badly grass needs sunlight. All the water and fertilizers in the universe will not fix a lack of sunlight. If you have shady areas on your property, then most grass types will thin out in the summer.

6. Choose the right type of grass for your property and geographical location. This could save you a lot of effort, not to mention money. Some grasses are cheap at the outset but long term, really cost you more money.

7. If you do not want the hassle of figuring out the exact fertilizer type that you need, then just remember the numbers 10-10-10. That is a basic fertilizer for grass or plants. Use in moderation and it will serve you well.

8. Avoid big lawn companies that control weeds and fertilize your lawn. They are impersonal and you are just a number to them. There are local, small companies that will treat you better.

9. Aeration is an under used tactic in helping your lawn be the best it can be, even in the heat of summer. Heck, if it’s a good practice at your local golf course, it’s good for you!
10. If you do not bag your lawn clippings, that is ok. But you will want to dethatch the yard about twice a year. Dethatching keeps dead clippings from matting together and pressing down new growth.

If you have a tip on lawn care, please share it in the comments section below. Also, please share this article with friends and family if you found it useful.

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