5 Ways To Buy Video Games Without Going Broke

5 Ways To Buy Video Games Without Going Broke

People have been paying for entertainment for centuries now, and there is nothing strange about us spending money on video games. Still, those can turn up to be enormous sums of money if we count how much we are paying for consoles such as Xbox and PlayStation, controllers, gaming PC, reliable internet connection and some online video games necessities. What should we do then? Should we give up on video games all together and find a more affordable entertainment? No. There is nothing on this world that cannot be made affordable if only we put our mind to it. Here are 5 ways to buy video games without desolating your wallet.

Be Patient

If you are familiar with that rush when a new video game is released and you want to have it right away, then you will spend a lot more money than you should. Games are the most expensive when they are just released. Instead of buying instantly, wait at least 30 days before picking up a new release. There are even some other benefits. A big game title which involves online gaming will probably have some day-one bugs which can be worked out by the time you decide to buy. If you are patient enough and wait for another five or six months, you can buy a video game for half of its original price. Sometimes, if you wait sufficiently long, the game might even become free, like it happened with Team Fortress 2.

Buy Used Games

The rise of secondhand is not only a matter of clothes. As a matter of fact it has existed in the gaming world for decades now. There are many online marketplaces selling used video games (e.g. eBay, GameStop), and you can even check your local game store. It is truth that it may be difficult to find some latest titles in used bins, since a lot of people hold on to new hot titles and most of them do not even have a hard copy, because they download it to PC. Still, you can find some great older titles, which you have missed out on because they were too expensive earlier.

Do Not Buy

This sounds like a no-brainer, but we are not thinking that you should stop playing, just consider your options. Many of the online games, both for kids and adults, can be played for free on PCs and on smart devices. For instance, a kids’ game Poptropica Mythology Island, offer all the benefits of an educational game for no money at all and the possibility of buying affordable costume bundle packs, and similar perks. Another cost effective way to play without buying is by renting video games from various services (e.g. RedBox). It is also a good way to test-drive a new game before investing money in it.

Wait for Regular Sales

Another way of saving money which requires your patience. Many video games marketplaces, both brick and mortar and digital, have their own regular sales. Do your research and find out when and where a big sale is happening and stock up on games then. Also, broad events such as Black Friday or Cyber Monday (after Thanksgiving) can be a great opportunity to buy a couple of new games. Even some completely new titles can come heavily discounted in some of these sales, so keep an eye for such deals. Just make sure you are buying a game you will want to play right away, because it is possible that in a few months, that currently new title will be even more discounted.

Collect Awards

If you want to get really involved into video games purchasing you can acquire a credit card with gaming related awards, so you can make a percentage of all your purchases to go to game discounts or bonus points on game purchases and spend those points on more games. Another way to be rewarded is by enrolling in special programs in certain stores which will enable you to get special discounts or offers, if you are a frequent shopper.

Saving money on video games may demand your patience and flexibility. As a reward, you will get to save money on more gaming titles and experience all the latest games.

Are you an avid gamer? What are some of the ways you save when buying video games? Share your tips with our readers below.

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