The goal: Save you money! Our team of frugal writers and deal editors are here to share money saving tips, shopping strategies, product reviews, daily deals, and so much more!

While attending grad school in 2013, I decided to share my frugal tips, shopping advice and favorite deals with the world. This led to the creation of Shop Retail Deals, which is now Frugal Buzz.

Barney Whistance is a passionate health, lifestyle, and finance blogger who loves to write about prevailing trends. He is a featured author on various blogs and currently associated with Hourglass Express, providers of quality waist trainers, belly bands, and other maternity products. For all the updates follow them at Facebook, Twitter.

Samantha Stein is an online content manager for whose work focuses on long term care insurance, finance, elder care, and retirement. In line with the organization’s goal, Samantha creates content that helps raise awareness on the importance of having a comprehensive long term care plan not just for the good of the individual but for the safety of the entire family.

Rachel Ryan a legal writer for When she’s not writing, she can be found trying to find innovative solutions to make life that little bit sweeter (and smoother!).

Mari writes for Loansolutions to help educate people in making informed-decisions on taking out loans and becoming responsible borrowers. Being the COO, she feels it is her social responsibility to do so. Learn more from her as she shares tips, advice and stories on finance topics. Also, she's fond of 9GAG, so you might read some random stuff over here.

Peter is an educational and parenting writer for Voice Boks magazine living in Brisbane, Australia. After graduating from Australian Institute of Creative Design, he worked as a freelance writer for a few local magazines in Brisbane. Besides writing, he loves shopping, cooking exotic meals and traveling around tropical destinations. His future plans are in creating his personal lifestyle blog about everyday life-saving tips. Follow Peter on Facebook and Twitter.

Good Nelly is a financial content writer. She is associated with and you can also find her work at, which is her personal blog. Besides writing financial articles, she also loves to cook and travel.

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