The Flintstones Complete 24-Disc DVD Series

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The Flintstones The Complete Series

All 166 Episodes of a Primetime TV Classic on 24 DVDs. "Flintstones, meet the Flintstones, they're a modern stone-age family." Thus opens the catchy theme of the primetime series that boldly went where no animated show had gone before - into the record books as the first adult-targeted cartoon and longest-running series of its genre. The family shenanigans of Fred, Wilma, Barney, Betty and children were fresh and breakthrough for the day. The notion of a "modern" cave society using dinosaurs, stone and wood in outrageously inventive ways was the gimmick that kept on giving, similar to the appeal of futuristic sci-fi characters casually using high-tech gadgetry to make life simpler. Fortunately, you possess the modern gadget for this historic occasion, as all 166 legendary episodes are inside on 24 DVDs - along with delightful extras exploring "prehistoric" memorabilia, hot Bedrock town gossip and an overview of the impact of this wonderful, enduring family favorite.

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