Earth Origins Saru Sloan Women’s Thong Sandals

$39.96 (27% off) @ QVC – 6 Color Styles & Multiple Sizes (6-12)

This Earth Origins Saru Sloan Women’s Thong Sandals originally $54.98 dropped to $48.50 and then again to $39.96 at QVC. You save 27% off the retail price for these women’s sandals. Add $5.50 for shipping. We could not find a better price for these thong sandals online. The Earth Origins Saru Sloan Thong Sandals are available in six (6) color styles and multiple sizing options (6-12). Sales tax is charged in most states. Deal expires soon.

Earth Origins Saru Sloan Women's Thong Sandals

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At the first signs of summer, we're slipping into these adjustable (yes, adjustable!) Earth Origins thongs. They're built with a sporty-sleek bottom that just goes with the flow (exhale here).
Model: Saru Sloan

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