Deeper Smart Sonar PRO DP1H20S10 Fish Finder

$169.62 (32% off) @ Amazon

This Deeper Smart Sonar PRO DP1H20S10 Fish Finder originally $249.99 drops to only $169.62 at You save 32% off the retail price for this fish finder. Plus, this item ships free. This is the lowest price we could find online by about $20. The Deeper Smart Sonar PRO DP1H20S10 Fish Finder features built-in Wi-Fi, range up to 330 feet, and ability to create Bathymetric maps. Sales tax is charged in most states. Deal expires soon.

Deeper Smart Sonar PRO DP1H20S10 Fish Finder

Item Details

The Deeper Smart Sonar PRO is a high-performance, low-hassle sonar system for your kayak. Install it in seconds with no drilling, batteries or wires. Then enjoy more space and less weight on your ‘yak, without compromising on quality. Synced with your smartphone or tablet, the PRO uses a rock solid WiFi connection to send you masses of detailed data on the underwater action. Find structure, bait fish, vegetation, drop offs, depressions and, of course, that monster swimming underneath. Or plot underwater contours on your map in real time as you troll. With scanning power and target separation to rival any fixed unit, you know you can trust what you’re seeing on screen.

And when hard water season is on, your PRO becomes a powerful, easy-to-use ice flasher.

Light and portable, it’s ideal for hole hopping. And once you’ve found the perfect spot, there are no wires in the way when you get a hook up. With narrow beam 15° scanning and 0.5” target separation, the PRO has just the right set up for ice fishing. Use the Ice Fishing mode for a traditional flasher display, then the Zoom function will help you track your jig and ‘match the hatch’ if the fish aren’t biting. Plus, you can map and mark all your ice holes so you can keep coming back to the best spots. Then just drill, drop and catch fish after fish.

And of course, like every Deeper sonar the PRO is also suitable for casting from the shore, though if you are mainly a shore angler, we recommend the PRO+ model with its additional shore fishing features.

Model: DP1H20S10

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