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Quick Notes: 74% off + 6 Color Options
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    Get these LocknLock Nestable Bowl, Square & Zen Storage Set (12-Piece) for only $27.68 (reg. $106.38, was $33.50) at QVC. You save 74% off the retail price for this food storage set. Add $5.50 for shipping. Deal may expire soon.

The Details
We all have our pet peeves. Ever store soup in a square container? Uh huh. Something about it just doesn't feel right. Tried to squish leftover lasagna squares in a round container? Yeah, we've been there too. With this nestable (yay!) set of LocknLock containers, you'll get three different shapes in sizes you need to store food (and lots of other things) just the way you. like. it. You'll get containers that are round, containers that are square, and containers that are square with rounded corners (so...zen). Now you (we) can sleep at night knowing your stored stuff is airtight, watertight, and in the shape that's.....just right (don't judge).

Model: K50411

Editor's Notes: Item is available in six (6) colors.

LocknLock 12pc Nestable Bowl, Square & Zen Storage Set

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